cut-out turnaround


I am creating this character and I am done with all the front drawings. Some drawings like the hands have to versions bout the mouth has about 10. I want to do the other sides 3/4 and 1/2 in order to do a turn around of my character. I understand that I just continue to draw the other sides of the drawing in the same layer. if I do that it seems to me that the drawings for each side 3/4 and 1/2 will not be aligned. I do not know if I make any sense. Is there a resource where I can see how a complete turn around of a character looks like in the ANIMATE time line?



Open the Library / Templates / Undone_example… / Chapter 09…
Drag that Template into the viewport or timeline / move the time-slider…



Thank you for your response. When I purchased the software the download came only with the software no library and when I go inside my library there is no templates… where do you think I can find this sample you mention?

The Sample Material you’ll find in the e-Learning section of Animate Pro: