Cut-Out Style Timeline Help

This is a very beginner question but I am still very new to using Harmony. I am trying to do a cut-out animation but I can not figure out the timeline in harmony. I am on frame 1 and my character is there but when I go to other frames my character disappears. I’ve tried adding KF and looking at tutorials but can’t quite figure out what to do. I hope this question makes sense and any help will be appreciated!

The white slug that you’ve created is the drawing. You need to extend the exposure of the drawing, so that the white slug looks like a longer rectangle.

Couple of ways:

  1. To extend the drawing’s exposure, to frame 11, say, go to frame 11 and hit F5.
  2. To extend the drawings’ exposure by adding or subracting, click on the drawing (in timeline) and hit

SHIFT + (to add an exposure)


  • (to remove one). This is the way I prefer, quick and easy.

I just noticed that + and - on the NUMERIC KEYPAD also work (no SHIFT required there).