Hello everybody!

I have a question, related to the cut out rigging on toonboom.

I have been useing toonboom for 2 years now, and all the rigs I have done were like this:

I used to create all the rigg having all the turn around drawn, with each separated part.

I just want to know if it’s possible or a god idea, to create in one folder the front view rig, save it in the stage library inside a folder. Then do the same with the 3 quarter view rig, and again with the side view…

I mean is this a good idea, or it doesn’t mind? Or does it generates problems at the animation process?

If the scales are ecual, and all the views riggs are saved on a common folder on the stage library, will it generate problems when importing it to the animation scene?


Harmony Premium has tools to set your puppet’s multiple views, it’s called Multi-pose (when talking about deformation chains)
If you’re not talking about deformers, I guess it’s simpler just having drawing substitutions on each element representing different views.

On my opinion, it’s easier to animate a puppet when all the views are set into one single rig. But in the end, it’s more important what you feel comfortable with. It shouldn’t generate problems, I find a bit annoying having to change expositions between elements on different rigs, I imagine it could be troublesome to make adjustments to the animation when polishing your work.