cut out puppet problems

okay, I am just full of problems…
I’m having trouble copying and pasting into a new element.
I made a drawing of all my puppet parts on one page, colored and saved it in Photoshop, Import and Vectorized, and my drawing comes in fine with all its parts. I create a new element for “left upper arm”, click and highlight the left upper arm from the imported image, copy it and go to the first cell of “Left Upper Arm” I click Edit, but none of the “Paste” functions are highlighted. Am I doing something wrong???

In the selected part of the vectorized image drawing element, edit/copy drawing object, go to the specific element created to paste and right click over the drawing frame: paste drawing object (ctrol click on mac) Yoryo.

TBS is designed so that many commands require that the appropriate window pane be active for those commands to be available. Anytime that you are wanting to do something and a command you want to use is grayed out the most effective solution is to force the systems “focus” to the most appropriate window (IE the Drawing or Camera view window panes or the Timeline window pane.) Focus is gained on a pane by you clicking on the pane itself, usually the frame of that pane.

Unfortunately everytime you go to the timeline to select an element or a frame you transfer focus to the timeline and away from the drawing view or camera view pane, so you have to re-focus on the appropriate pane each time before you can proceed. One way to avoid this constant shifting of focus is to use keyboard short cuts but even those don’t always work without the appropriate focus being given. -JK