Cut-Out Pieces Disappear

Please help my cut-out of the little boy keeps disappearing whenever I place background in. Just pieces of the boy disappear.

There is also the Z-axis (front/back) to consider if you typed any values for the element (layer) in the properties window.

One way to check the position is to open a Top or Side view window and select
your element (layer) body part; where is it in relation to the others? You may need to zoom-in further (in the top or side view window) if they all appear to be in the same location. There may be a slight offset in position which will still affect the placement of the element in relation to the BG to “hide” the parts that are behind the BG (background).

Only what is placed between the pointy end of the camera cone and the BG will be visible to the Camera. Anything behind the BG will be obscured (hidden) by the BG.

How did you create your background?

Depending on what the background consists of you may just need to move it deeper in 3D space so the disappearing parts remain in front of it.

One thing to check is where the background is listed in the left column of your Timeline window. It should be at the bottom. Look and see whether the disappearing parts are under the background in that column. Move the background so all of the parts are above it.