cut-out keyframes question

Hello guys,
Maybe a silly question.
I am trying to make a cut-out character animation film in TB Animate. I went through the beginners problems but now - I am stuck.
Most of my shots are combinations of motion-keyframe animation /mostly rotation of joints – FW kinematics/ mixed with template /library/ animations that we created in advance /run cycles, etc./.
The question is: Is there a way /while keyframing with transform tool/ to make motion keyframes for rotation and simultaneously to set this software to create “just” stop-motion keyframes for scale X /flips/?
Or, is there a way for stop-motion keyframing flipping symbols /body parts/ without using the transform tool - like rotation tool /in advanced animation properties - that makes keyframes just for it’s own angle property without setting keyframes for all other transform properties./
What is the way to go, when I want to animate rotation and position of the body parts of the cut-out character with motion-keyframes and simultaneously stop-motion keyframe flipping /scale/.
Or, is my point of view on keyframing in TB Animate completely upside-down?
I am “Classical” animation director + AfterEffects user for 12 years – no Flash experience. Currently testing TB Animate v.1 & 2

Thanks for response,


Thanks for reply,

That is exactly what I was looking for!!!
/In Animate 1, I found it in Edit>Preferences>Camera tab/
While going /fast/ through the User Guide.pdf it was not so obvious /for me/ to go to preferences tab to activate this essential feature for /faster & more precise/ cut-out animation proces.

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There is a way to turn off the Keyframe All property when using the transform tool. Go to Edit > Properties, then Camera tab. Now uncheck “Set Keyframes on all Functions with the Transform Tool”. Now when you use the transform tool, it will only keyframe the value that changes.

You can globally turn on or off motion keyframes in the General tab of the preferences. In the Settings section turn on/off “Stop-Motion Keyframes”.

Unfortunately there is no way to set stop-motion keyframes on only specific functions. If you would like this to be the case I would recommend logging a feature request in the feature request section of the forums.