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i drew this cut out image, listed and named each part of the cut out.when i previed it there was two images one on top of the other the one on top worked ok,tried pretty well every thing to get rid of the bottom one .spent a lot of time in help filed and videos. have no idea were to go now with it , would appreciate some help on this. thank you

You will need to explain yourself better because I am not really sure what your issue is.

Is that you can’t get the order of layers you want? Like you want your leg behind your torso but it is appearing in front?

Are you using Animate or Animate pro?

I also am having a hard time understanding what you’re trying to do. Could you perhaps try to explain in a little more detail? Also, if you could include a screenshot, that might help. Just upload your screenshot to a free site like Photobucket and post the link here.

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this problem came from creating a cut out that was shown how to create a cut out in a video on my welcome screen called building a puppet, which i used with a drawing i created. as an exsample if i drew a head and clicked on it with the transform tool to move it there would be another head under it after i moved it .all the image parts on my drawing were like this after i moved an arm, leg, or any part.there would be another. i hope this is some help to find out what i may have done wrong.

frustrating. my program is animate 2.

Did you create symbols from your drawings? If you created symbols, then it might be possible that you have two copies because you have one copy that’s your symbol layer and one that’s the original drawing layer.

When you look in your timeline, do you see two copies of each layer?

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I checked what you suggested,there was no symbol layer. creating the cut out you don,t have to add layers it is done automaticly when you add an arm etc. the only time i get anywere is if i add a layer for each
body part and thats not the way it,s show or exsplaned
in the video.i have looked at the video over @over. it must be me creating an error and i don,t know what it is.hoping you will find an answer to it

thank you

I’m not sure how you are able to create a cutout without creating multiple drawing layers… are you looking at the tutorials for Animate 2? You have to have multiple drawing layers. Each drawing layer will then be a separate body part, then you can connect the layers together in a hierarchy.

By done automatically, do you mean that you started out with a drawing, then you used the cutter tool to make a selection of your drawing, then did an Edit > Create Drawing from Drawing Selection? In this case, you can choose to cut your drawing from source or not. If you choose not to cut your drawing from the source, then there will be a copy made on the new layer. Perhaps this is what you did?

Then at the end when you’re finished finessing your character you can delete the original image layer with the whole character on one layer, and just continue working with the multiple layers with the body parts on each layer.

Hope this helped.

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thanks for the great information your second paragraph
is exactly were i was.i followed up on your information and got it working the way it should.had no idea were to go at the end now i do,i put it in the library and then deleted the image layer and character,returning it to the screen works ok

thanks again.

Yay I’m glad you got it working!

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