Cut out characters

I read an on line tutorial about cut out characters. But I am not quite clear on how they work.

In the simplest of words, could some one please explain how I could make a cut out character. I know what my character looks like, and I have the backgrounds. But animating her movements is ??? hard. And the peg hierarchy never works for me (I may be doing it wrong.) Do I really have to draw special elbows and knees, etc. I was only doing a head, body, legs, and hands.
And how would I be able to do a lipsync with cut out animation.

Thanks to anyone who can explain this to me. ??? ??? ??? ???

its taken me forever to barely get used to toonboom after working on flash but I’m finally seeing the light and how much cooler TB really is, point is that it really takes time to learn but is soooo worth it.

You gotta put the arms, legs, hands etc. on different layers then make pegs for all of them and adjust the points so they pivot where you want. it takes forever to rig a character but once its done its super easy to animate.

I think it would be really helpful if toonboom came with a bunch of pre-rigged charcters…

heck if you paid for TB you owe it to yourself to read the manual and spend some serious time learning it.


Here’s a video tut I did on creating & rigging cut out chars for TBS version 3.5, but 99.9% of everything still applies in version 4.0, so give it a look.
The example is very basic, but hopefully it will give you the idea.
Hope it’s helpful.
Pt 1
Pt 2