Cut-out characters

I am having problems with layering creating cut out characters. I have them almost completed but my problems come when trying set up pegs.
For the eyes, mouth, etc… to move with the head of a character everything must be attached to the head peg. Correct? But to attach everything to the head peg the head must be on top of the eyes, mouth etc… drawing and that covers them up so yo can not see them. How do I get the facial features on top of the head layer and then attach them all to a head peg?
I noticed in the screenshot below from the cut out tutorial that the head peg is above everything else yet the eyes and mouth are visible. how do I do this? Thank you for any help.


Besides x-y layer ordering, TBS supports 3D layering which means that you can adjust the front back position of drawing objects. This can be done on the drawing tab of the properties panel while the object is selected using the scene planning select tool (arrow). Bellow is an excerpt from the Tips and Tricks thread.

3D Space

Don’t forget about the use of 3D space in Toon Boom. There is another degree of layering available in Toon Boom beyond ordering in the exposure sheet or the time line track list and it involves using the “z” direction of 3D space also referred to as the Front/ Back position of the element. Elements in the exposure sheet or time line track list all start out with the same Front/Back position in 3D space. Essentially they are all on the same picture plane even though they are in a stack. So their relative layering order can be adjusted by positioning an element forward or backward by a fractional amount.

The Front/Back position of an element can be changed by using the scene planning “Select” tool (6). Select your object. Go to the Properties panel under the Drawing tab change the offset for the Z-direction which is the last Offset input box to the viewer’s right. Just a slight change of a .01 units either F (front) or B (back) is all that is required.

You can also move elements back and forth along the Z axis while in Camera View. Useful keyboard shortcuts are [Alt] + [Down Arrow] to bring the element one increment closer to the camera, and [Alt] + [Up Arrow] to push the element one increment back away from the camera. Using these shortcuts in Camera View will move elements in .01 increments. Again, you need to use the scene planning “Select” tool to select the desired element in the Camera view panel before trying to adjust its Front/Back position. -JK