Cut-Out Character Animation not working in 4.5

So I was having my students run through the Cut-Out character tutorial from the ToonBoom web site and we are running into a problem. When we use the rigged Der_Der file that has all the elements in pegs, the rotational points for the pegs are set. Now, following the video you use the transform tool to click in the scene window in scene planning and it will select the peg allowing you to rotate the element, however when we click on the elements in the scene window it selects the element and not the peg it is attached to.

I know that in V3 when you put elements in pegs the transform tool would select the peg when you clicked on the element in the scene window, however this is not working in V4. Is there a setting we are missing? If not, the Cut-Out character video on the web site is no longer current and should be redone or a section needs to be added.

I really hope we are missing something because having to go to the time line and select the peg you want every time you want to reposition something is not as effective as how you used to be able to do it and how the video shows it.


You can toggle the Turn Peg Only Mode On option under the Tools top menu. This will force the selection to be done on parent pegs of element when you pick stuff in the camera view.

This should allow you to follow the instructions on the website.