Hello everybody!

I’m having some difficulties in preparing for my puppet animation in cut-out. I made the whole process of break-down of Toon Boom’s guide and had no major problems, but now I’m finishing the final adjustments to turn it into a symbol, I realized that some parts, especially arms and legs in some views (3 / 4, lateral etc) were out of place.

I tried to use the Transform tool to reposition them, but realized that so select all positions, and that’s not what I need. With the Select tool can even adjust the pivot design, but when I changed the arm in front view, the view of 3 / 4 was also changed. I noticed that when I delete for example the arm in frame 1 (front view), the arm frame 2 (view 3 / 4) is also deleted.

Please, how can I solve this problem? What can I be doing wrong?

Thank you!

Tzar I figured out my own way of fixing this out placed symbols problem, so please do not quote me on anything :-X I am not 100% sure if this is the right way of doing it, and I am new to animate myself, but here goes …

Instead of repositioning the symbols on the main stage try going into the symbol of the body part (in your case the arm) and repositioning the body part (ARM) there inside the symbol.

The (ARM) symbol should be setup for drawing substitutions so all the particular body parts you want to edit should be inside of it. Just select it on the correct frame and reposition it. Then go back out to the main stage and BadaBing!

If this is totally the wrong way to do it, please ignore this message and it will self destruct .

no need to self destruct :slight_smile:

when using symbols that is the way you edit drawings.

Once something becomes a symbol it is the only way to edit. Don’t try to edit it unless your inside the symbol.

To get there just double click on the element you want to edit.

independently if your explanation is right or wrong, don’t worry, because I know you are wanting to share. Thanks a lot for your helping!
I’ll try do it and after that post my results.

thank you about the complement.

Hugs to all!


I did exactly what Alexf and TheRaider said and it worked!
I just came here to thank and give the topic as closed.

Ps. It is not easy to learn English and Toon Boom at the same time! lol
I’m sorry for the mistakes …

Thanks guys!

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thank you for your help.