Cut Out Animation

Ive been trying out cut out animation and I did the tutorial on this site and it helped lots but my simple problem is each frame I have to copy each individual body part and paste it into the next frame which takes up lots of time and Ive not been able to find out how to do this without pasting each individual body part leg,lower arm, hand ect. So my question is, how do I copy each part at once and paste it into the next frame without copying each single part and pasting them seperatley? Thanks.

James (Noob)

You should “rig” your character to have a “main” top level parent peg. Then all you need to do is collapse that “main” peg so that all the children elements are hidden. Then you will right click on the last frame of the main peg to open the context menu and use the “Extend Children Exposure” command to add additional exposures for all your elements for as many frames as you want to have for your entire sequence. (Note: “Extend Children Exposure” is a new command in version 4.0, if you are using a version before 4.0 you just use the “Extend…” command.) -JK

Be sure to read these tutorials to learn more on cut outs: