Cut Out Animation

I need help on how to do cut out animation with pegs.


I would like to know how to import previously drawn backgrounds from Corel Painter 3 into Toon Boom, and use these backgrounds in a cartoon, with cut out animation.

Please give easy instructions. Thanks.

Please check those links out:;action=display;threadid=2631


It is important to approach cut-out animation in a step by step learning approach. You want to build up layers of knowledge and understanding so that you can master the techniques involved. I wrote an article series called IT’S ELEMENTAL which is a good place to start because it introduces the you to the basic concepts around which TBS is organized. Then you will want to read the series of articles about KEY FRAMED ANIMATION. They will introduce you to pegs and key framing techniques. As well as show you how to put together an animated scene. When you finish those articles you can read the series on PHOTO CUT-OUTs which will just give you some more fundamental information on working with imported images.

Then I suggest that you go to the library inside TBS and in the catalog labeled Toon Boom Templates there is a sub-catalog named Cut Out Characters. Inside that catalog there is a rigged character called Little Boy. You can drag the Little Boy template to your project timeline and study his construction and more importantly you can begin to explore trying to animate this character.

Essentially you need to follow the approach of
1. Learn the interface and how things interrelate.
2. Understand Pegs and Keyframes and how to use them
3. How a character is rigged and how to manipulate that rig for animation
4. How to design and rig your own characters.

The usual mistake is to jump to step 4 first. There are a lot of things that you must master before you will be ready for step 4. -JK