Cut out animation with bitmap images

I’m evalueting ToonBoom Animate and I’m making tests for using it in a production.

It’s a cut out movie and I have to export files from Photoshop and import them in TB.

1- I know that you can import a psd file containing layers with all the pieces of the character, but there is not an option to automatically crop the layers to the size of the content without loosing the alignement . As it is now, every single bounding box of layer of my characters is as big as the entire document.
I think it’s not useful to make animation without cropped layers, is there a way to automatically have the layers cropped?

2- when I import a single element cropped with Photoshop, there are 3 options to import the file:
I’ve used “project resolution” and I don’t understand very well what is written about it in the User Guide:

"Alignment > Rules: > Project Resolution
This option will match your project’s resolution and centre your image in the frame. If your image resolution is smaller than that of your project, such as a 720x540 resolution and 640x480 image, the image will become blurry after being imported. Make sure that the size of your image matches, or is greater than, your scene."

If I import little pieces, like eyes or teeth (that are smaller than the project resolution) they “will become blury” as you say in the User Guide?
I can’t see the quality of final render because the PLE edition is limited in resolution render (504x303)and so I can’t have a clear idea of the final result.
Could someone explain this point to me?

3- I’m wondering about one thing: i have found out that the transparency of the onion skin doesn’t work with bitmap image as it does with vector drawings; I looked everywhere in the preferences but I didn’t find any options…

I hope you can help me by suggesting the best way of using your software for my production.

1 - Have you tried, in your input settings, selecting to Vectorise with the Colour option enabled? Then make sure when you import not to import as a composite image but as individual layers.

2 - If you input a small image like eyes or teeth, do not use the project resolution option. What this will do is it will scale the imported image up to fit the whole size of the camera. If your eye/tooth is small within the image area - i.e. if the eye takes up only 10 pixels of a 500 pixel image, then it will scale the outside of the image (the 500 pixels) to the camera view.

Animate will never scale down your image to make the resolution smaller - however if you take a small image and try to blow it up, that’s when it would look blurry. As long as your final render output is the same size or smaller than your original image, you will not see any bluriness in the final render.

3 - You can’t onion skin with bitmap images - you would have to vectorise them first