cut out animation question

in a scene were a character walks from left to right on screen and then goes back ( right to left), the right arm should be in front of the body when a character walks from left to right on the screen. what happens if the charcter goes back( right to left). how does one switch the right arm from in front of the body to behind the body? and also how does one flip the drawing when using deformers.thanks.

If I understand your question correctly the arm front to back or back to front is initially done by adjusting the Z axis and the rotation could be done by having a cut-out pose straight on facing the camera and a profile that can be use to create a version facing right and another facing left but it would be better to have a version at 3/4 view. I read that many studios get by using only a profile and straight on pose facing the camera without the 3/4 version or a 3/4 and profile without the straight on facing camera pose. 3 poses with one of those generating its opposite (right profile and left profile) seems best though.