when I make cut out characters, they turn out great, there are no problems except when I rotate the back-arm, the fore-arm starts becoming displaced. has anyone else experienced this and know a solution, please respond :frowning:

are the arms somehow linked? maybe they are under the same peg? you could try disabling/unchecking in the Timeline the are that you don’t want to move


I think that possibly the problem is that i had to move the forearm forward on the z axis so it would be in front, but if I make the two parts of the arms on the same level, then the back arm would be in front which would make the line I use on the back arm to make it always look attached would be in front.

you’re right; keeping the side/top view open to manage your elements in z space is a good idea and if you place your different body parts on different element layers you will have full control


Thank you