Cut-out animation of bitmap images


I want to make a cut-out animation in Toon Boom Harmony 10 using bitmap elements. I prepared a character in psd format, divided into layers and nested folders, as it is required in the manual for the program. In addition, each view of the character: front, three-quarters, side, three-quarter back and back view are in separate files.

However, problems occured from the beggining. I imported the psd file without vectorization, as “all layers image” and it was imported normally. But when I imported a second file with the different view of the character and tried to move its frames in the appropriate layers of the first view the error appeared and the second frame disappeared. I thought that a problem may be in the names of frames, as for some reason the second frame after moving renamed itself in the first frame name but still left as separated frame. I tried to rename it but Toon Boom didn’t let me do it.

Then I tried to import the same file in the layers but with vectorization «color". However, the Toon Boom has imported all the layers, in which all layers of the psd file was put in sequence. It is identical layers but each of them displays a single layer of the layers sequence. I would like to delete unwanted frames in each layer but I can’t find how to find access to them.

Please help to solve this problem.

Thank you.