Cut eye not rendering

I have a character set up in Toon Boom Harmony. It has two heads which I between when I want to have him facing towards the camera or looking to the side. On both of those, I have a Cutter that uses a matte drawing to mask out the eye and allow the iris to not go beyond the eye.

It works just fine in the preview, but when I try to render it with the head side view, the iris vanishes completely. But it works fine with the eye of the head that looks towards the camera.

I’m at a loss of how to fix this or what the problem even is. Doesn’t seem to matter where in the network the cutter is connected.

I ended up creating a brand new eye, iris and matte and cutter by copy and pasting the previous one’s linework and fills, and it fixed it. So I have no idea what I did to the previous ones. But at least it works now, even if I have to re-animate that bit.

Do you think it has anything to do with the sub-layers your objects are on? Outline layer, Fill layer, etc?

Are you doing a real render or a “record and play”?

Can you show the network?
Specifically how the cutter is applied in the scene.


I just finished creating/ animating a character, but when I render out the frames/video, anything with a cutter on it does not render at all. Any ideas on what could be causing this?


Hi there,
Try go to Layer Properties of the Composite Node and change Mode from As Bitmap/As Vector to Pass Through. It works for me, hope this help!