cut, copy/paste issues

Hi Lilly, In Pencil Check Pro, I’m unable see any drawings that I have cut/copy/paste into any other column. The drawings show in the directoy folder in the original column, but will not show up in the new folder once I cut/copy/paste them into another column. Any suggestions?Thanks,Cindy

Hi Lilly - thank you for telling me that; I wouldn’t have figured it out. The drawings show up if it’s selected first, like you said. Most likely, the copy/cut/paste via the xsheet won’t be fixed since Pencil Check Pro features are in Animate Pro.Thank you, kindly, for all your help… and, especially what you did for me back in January. All the best,Cindy

Well by default when you do a Copy/Paste, it copies the exposure, and not the drawing itself.

If you want to copy the drawing, then you need to select the drawing with your Select tool in the Drawing view, then copy it. Then go to where you want to paste the drawing and paste. When you paste, make sure you get the focus (red outline) around the Drawing view again before you paste.