Customizing Tools Toolbar not working

Hi, I’m trying to customize my Tools Toolbar, according to this article from the User Guide:

I have to turn on the “Flat Tool Toolbar” option from the General tab in the preferences dialog, restart Harmony and then right click into the Tools Toolbar to access the “Customize” option.

Problem is, after I did all of this, the “Customize” Option won’t appear.

Am I missing something?

The Attached image shows the toolbar already flattened with the right click menu, and without the “Customize” option.

I’m using Harmony V15.0.2 on Windows 10.

Ok, In case someone encounters with this same issue, chances are that they have the Toolbar in the Drawing Window, or any other different than the General Harmony Window. It seems you can’t customize the Tools Toolbar from there.

All you have to do is to set the Tool Toolbar to the General Window (Upper section), customize the Tool Toolbar from there and then set it again in the Drawing Window, the Toolbar will keep the custom settings.