Customizing Tools Toolbar not working on mac

I downloaded harmony premium 17.0.2 on mac, and I was trying to customize my toolbars since I’m too much used to work with my configuration, but the “customize” option is missing or not working, the only toolbar where it is currently working is on the node view. I tried on pc and it works normal as usual.

Maybe the issue is that in mac I got installed a spanish version while in pc got an english one?

Captura de pantalla 2020-02-20 a la(s) 13.54.46.png

I noticed that on Mac with version 17.0.0 (English) and I’m not sure it was corrected with 17.0.2. I can check it in a few days. In Windows seems to be fine. In Mac I had to right-click over and over again until Harmony eventually shows the Customize option.