Customizing and saving a brush WITH color

A feature in TVPaint that is very handy is the ability to customize a brush, along with a specific color, and save it to a small icon that you can drag and place anywhere on the interface. All that you have to do is tap your stylus on the icon and you instantly have your custom brush along with the custom color. You’re ready to go!

This would be a great feature to have in Harmony.

You can already use the toolbar “Tool Presets” to save a bush with colour.
And you can even shortcut this brush if you want.

Thanks rkriz for responding!

How is this done? I’m seeing how to save a brush’s settings and name it, but how do you save the color?


The toolbar looks interesting, but I also can’t figure out how to use it. :slight_smile:
Is there a tutorial explaining how it works?