customize color font while exporting pdf


i m searching for a way to keep the different colors i gave to the fonts in the different captions, and i didn t find any.
any clue ?


It seems we’re both right.

It really was working on my side but was testing it on Windows. After testing it on my Mac I discovered that on the Mac side it does not appear to be working.

thanks for your answers,
my version is storyboard pro 4.1, and it doesn t work at all

but I use SBP 4.1 version, in SBP 4.1 I changed captions other colours in the Panel windows. but when export PDF, captions colour are black.


version screenshot:

Which version are you using? In 4.1 Version 10.2.2 build 9744 which is the Service Pack 1 release of 4.1 if you change the caption text colour from the Panel window’s caption fields, it should export the PDF also using these colours.

If you have access to V4, you can download the 4.1 service pack 1 from the “My Downloads” section of your account. The SP1 replaces the original V4 that was originally provided.

I try change the captions colour, but only in Storyboard Pro show colour,
then export PDF, captions lost colour, only show black colour.

Go to Edit PDF profile and under CAPTIONS there should be a check box: ‘Output Caption in Plain Text’ You need to un-check this to allow formatting in your captions. Be warned though you may have to go back through all your already completed captions and re-size the fonts manually as the default formatting for when the box is UNCHECKED is smaller than the outputs ‘auto format’ when the box is CHECKED. It’s fine if you are just starting a new project.

See the below image:

Hope this helped.