Customizable tool bar for Tool Properties menu


I created a little script (a tool bar) which allows me to quickly acces the drawing vector tools that I use most (Cutter Tool, Seclect Tool, Contour Editor, Pencil Editor and Smooth Editor).

I tried to find a way to switch between them as there are features which are not available in each of them (Change the tip shape of the lines, Convert Line Art to Colour Art and Flatten).

The tool bar looks like this:

OK, but why do I post this in the Feature Request section?
The answer is that I would find it cool to have the possibility to add a customizable tool bar to the Tool Properties menus which would replace my script. This could look like this:

That’s all.

You can download the script here:

Best regards

P.S. This is how I use the tool bar in combination with the Tool Properties at present: