Customizable "Selection Only Mode" and "View Tagged Layers" display modes


I think that it would be very useful if one could decide what kind of nodes are shown in the Tiemline’s “Selection Only Mode” and “View Tagged Layers” display modes.

In my current case I would have loved being able to display TransformationsGate nodes.

In different ways the following topics are related to this feature request:
- Timeline display modes - customize sort order:

- Timeline - determine individually which nodes are displayed:


The easiest solution would be to simply display all selected/tagged nodes, whatever there their type might be.

Finally, I don’t think that there actually is a real reason for filtering out certain kinds of nodes, as these display modes are already supposed to show only nodes that the user decided to be part of a selection, in a certain way.

And, if then, these nodes could be listed in ther hierarchical order, that would be perfect!!! :slight_smile: