customising effects/sprites...TBS v7

hi, loving the new effects in TBS7.

Is there a way to alter the colour etc of the sprites used in the effects, ie to have something like red rain for instance, or the shape of the hail,

just wondering

thanks in advance


hi Wayne,

thanks for the reply,

i do know how to customise the effect after placing ti on the timeline etc, what i was really looking for was to be able to change the sprites used to create the effect

i found the sprite file in the toon boom directory but they are a TBS .tbd format i cannot open in an image editor and save in the same format after altering.

what im trying to say is there a way to create custom sprites to use in the effect



Once you have created a drawing, you can put it under ‘sprite-drawings’ layer in Time Line as a hierarchy. Then it will automatically replace the drawing with existing samples.

fantastic juho…

so easy…