custom textured pencil tip reverts to untextured when changing layers

any clues why a custom textured pencil is now reverting to untextured whenever a different layer is drawn on?
select the pencil textured tool,
draw on a layer,
all ok.
now change layers,
texture setting changes to non-textured, and tool properties displays lack of texture,
but still shows same textured tool selected.

restarting doesn’t help.

Are by any chance you trying to use a vector texture on a bitmap layer or a bitmap texture on a vector layer?

Make sure the new layers being created are consistent with the one that the texture brush successfully worked on.

nope; all vector.
this ISN’T a normal function is it? could it be i’ve never noticed it before?
seems buggy as the the tool in the list doesn’t reflect a change in the tool selected; but the display above the list shows a loss of texture; so, inconsistent interface.

can anyone from support offer details, please?

Hello Ccanfiel3,

Our support team is best reached at and we highly recommend using that e-mail address rather than waiting for a response here, since your question might end up lost or it might be a while before support can check the forums.

The other reason we recommend using the e-mail address is due to the fact that our support team is currently still busier than usual with everyone working from home, and its easier for them to track e-mail requests.