Custom shapes for distortion meshes.

I came across this video and was intrigued by the way this software handles distortion meshes:

The results are pretty convincing as a pseudo 3D look:

Any chance of getting something similar in Harmony? I’m loving the mesh warp we already have, but would welcome more customisability in defining it’s shape.

this has been discussed and requested ad nauseam at this point, but indeed it should continue to be hammered into toonboom’s collective brain.

i really hope toonboom is paying attention. omission of a “real”, animatable mesh warp tool is one of the biggest blunders of the harmony 14 release. spine does it, creature does it, opentoonz does it, anime studio (now, again, moho) does it. way to drop the ball, folks.

HUGE mistake to not tool this into the h14.

Yep we all wish TB had it. Anime studio and opentoonz both make use of it as well as AE and it works great for bitmaps.