Custom Pencil Textures

Hi. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’ve read the manual and watched the videos and still am unclear.

How is a pencil texture applied? Is it stretched along the pencil line or just sort of tiled on top? How does the scaling work? How does the tiling work? Thanks!


To my knowledge,

the texture is just tiled along the center of the pencil line,
the scale is tied to the size you initially draw the pencil line at,
once you select the pencil line and use the pencil editor to expand the pencil lines size, the texture is stretched to meet the new size

Thanks! To follow up, so if you make a texture that is a 2 x 2 checkerboard and use it as a pencil texture, the line you draw we show the black and white squares tiled along the length of the line you drew?

And if you draw a long texture, how is its horizontal scale applied? Can you change the position of the texture along the line?

Thanks again!

Nevermind, I got to sit sound and answer my own questions.

Yes, the checkerboard is just repeated down the length of the line. The position can be controlled manually with the gradient/texture tool, along with the scale.

The horizontal scale I’m still a little iffy on, because when I applied a longer texture, the texture was squeezed. However, using the colour-override technique to modulate the texture position will fix the texture scales to normal.