Custom PDF Export

I’m just starting to work with TB Storyboard (not pro version). I purchased TB Storyboard just for the organizing/numbering feature. I’ve looked through past posts but could not find a current answer to this question. I’m working on feature films and trying to export PDFs with four vertical storyboard panels per page. Is there a way to reduce the size of both the shot number boxes and the captions so that the artwork is more prominent. Currently the captions take up equal room with the artwork. Thanks,Phill

Hope this link works, here’s the image:

If the caption/dialog/panel boxes can’t be reduced then Storyboard/SBPro can’t really be used for live action storyboarding. The animation page layout doesn’t fly in live action.I hope the page layout option can be more fully customized in the future.Thanks,Phill

Thanks for the help Lilly. The captions are still too prominent and the artwork still to small. In live action storyboards the caption/notes are usually ignored. I put them in just incase I’m not around to explain the art.I will be waiting for the next version of TBSB with improved PDF export.Thanks again,Phill

The most promising aspect of your software is the ability of having notes and dialog in captions that remain attached to the storyboard panels. That combined with the OVERVIEW mode to edit storyboards and renumber is a great time saver and the reason I purchased TBSB.I understand the limits of the software. I’d like the storyboard panel (artwork) to be as large as possible with the 4 panel setup. The artwork is the real reason I’m hired :slight_smile: So with the captions/notes taking up half the space on the page makes the artwork appear secondary and not very exciting to look at.Again, I will revisit TBSB in the future.Thanks,Phill

Hey Lilly,I also would like to be able to export a PDF with artwork taking up more than 1/2 the width of the page. Did something change between SBP1 and SBP2? I work at a studio that uses Storyboard Pro (v1.6 I think…) and we’re able to export industry-standard pages, with panels that are about the size of a post-it note. It seems like a huge oversight to be unable to make PDFs that fit the standard used in the TV animation industry. Is this something that could be resolved in an update, or do I have to wait until SBP3?-JJ

WHAT I CAN EXPORT: is what I get when I export from ToonBoom Storyboard Pro 2 (I’m at work so I dont have the specific version). Note that the panel takes up 1/2 of the page. The paper size is 8 1/2 x 11. _________________________________________WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO EXPORT is a page that was exported from ToonBoom Storyboard Pro 1.6, Consulting Edition that is used at the studio. As you can see, the panel takes about 2/3 of the page’s width. I watermarked it and omitted a lot of information, since the show is still in production, but the page is 8 1/2 x 14in. _________________________________________The important thing is the panel size. There are a lot of little differences that I don’t care about as much (like page size, which side of the page the descriptions are on, etc). What I care about is the panel size. I need for panels to be 2/3 of the page like in the second example. -JJ

Awesome! It works! I dont quite understand why, though. For example, why do I need to say 5 columns when it looks like that produces 3? Anyway, thank you very much! This has been bothering me for weeks! -JJ

Hi Lilly, I’ve just bought Toon Boom Storyboard 1.5 and I’m having the same problem as jjY_45070 (unable to find a way to make the image boxes more prominent than the text boxes). I tried using the solution you gave him, but I think that because I don’t have Storyboard Pro, the options I’m given to customise my PDF export are different. Ideally I’d like to have six images a page, landscape, in two rows of three with a small text box under each, but I realise this might not be possible with the software. Is there a way that I can get the image panels larger than the text panels? Three a page is fine, more if possible. I’m not hugely computer literate, just a beginner, so if you do have a solution for me, nice clear instructions would be much appreciated! Many thanks

Hi Lilly,I, too have the standard version of SB and i am trying to get a look like this: is an 絵コンテ (ekonte), which is the standard format here in Japan.It’s used for both animation and live-action.Is this possible? I have been trying but can’t exactly get the right look.Thanks in advance!

Hi Lily,I just upgraded to Storyboard Pro 2 and tried the settings you showed to get 3 larger panels in vertical mode with smaller captions. It did not work for me, I end up with 4 very small panels set horizontally. Now I’m really confused. My custom frame resolution is 2.40 and I’m on a Mac if that has anything to do with it (the PDF export, not my confusion). ;)Thanks,Phill

Hi Lily,Thanks for the information and thanks trying.:wink:

Is there also a way to be able to use non-western fonts (in my case, Japanese) for captions. Even if i select a Japanese font, it doesnt allow me to use it.Thanks

Hi Lily,Thanks for your reply.Actually, entering text in the dialog and other boxes isn7t a problem.It’s actually renaming captions.For example - The “dialog” caption to it’s Japanese equivalent (I ca’t seem to use Japanese characters on this forum so i cannot write it’s equivalent here.

You can reduce the font size of the captions, but I don’t think there’s a way to reduce the size of the caption box itself. Can you do me a favour and attach a screenshot showing exactly what you want to do? You can upload the screenshot to a free site like Photobucket then post the link here.


Is this more like what you wanted it to look like?

It’s not exactly the same as your source image but it’s a lot closer. If you enabled more drawing space than this even, you’d be wasting space for captions, because even with an HD image you can’t have the image any larger on the page if you want 4 images - making the captions smaller than this would simply give extra white space around the sides of the image.

Here’s a screenshot of the options that you need to change to accomplish this export:

You basically just need to set it up to be 4 rows with 2 columns and it will split the page in half.

We’re working on improving the PDF export in newer versions. There were some changes that were made to PDF export in Storyboard Pro 2, and we’re always trying to improve.

I hope this helps!


Well if you want to hide the captions entirely, you can do that. But you can see that when you do this, you’re not gaining any “room” for artwork, because the size of your artwork is defined by the resolution of your project, and if you want to fit 4 panels one on top of the other, even having two columns of equal width gives you the same size of drawing.

I know that was kind of a complicated description so here’s a screenshot of the two side-by-side:

So you can see that you don’t in fact gain anything by giving yourself more room for the drawing.


No functionality should have been lost between 1.6 and 2.1. There were some improvements that were made, but you should be able to get the same look.

Can you attach a screen shot of what you want your PDF export to look like? And what it looks like in 1.6?


I’m going to investigate this one but you know what else would be really helpful is a screenshot of the PDF options from 1.6. I’m interested in the Storyboard > Panels tab. If you can provide this it would help a lot!


We did some investigation and we were able to produce something that looks very similar. However the aspect ratio that you’re working in does affect how the PDF export will work, so just double-check whether this works with your scene.

I’ve attached screenshots to the relevant options, as well as a screenshot of what it looks like.