custom keyboard short cuts

Hi there,
I’m trying avoid having to use “alt” key all the time when selecting some of my tools so I’ve reset them in my preferences but they’re not working.
Eg. I’ve changed the Brush tool to just “B” but it isn’t working.
Any suggestions out there?

B is the default for “Select Parent” (in the General menu). Make sure that is set to something else. Then set Brush to B. I was able to get it to work doing that.

Thanks to all.
I’ll give them all a try!

There are certain shortcuts that can’t be overwritten. The reason being that with all the tools, we have it set up so that Alt+B will permanently switch to the brush, but if you hold down B on its own it will temporarily bring up the brush tool. This makes it very quick to switch just for a second or two. For example if you’re working in the paint bucket and then you hold down B you can draw a quick line then when you let go of B it goes back to the paint bucket.

You may run into issues if you try to override these hidden shortcuts. You can try to set the B shortcut, then make sure when you do that you tell it to Replace the other shortcuts that use that key and it might work.