Custom DEFAULT Panel Duration?

Is there a way of setting a custom default duration for new panels and scenes?
I haven’t found one myself, and have had to employ workarounds to get the result I need (duplicating the previous panel).

Some of the projects I’m working on currently require panels exported as single files thus with the current default duration set to 1 second it exports 24 images exactly the same unless I manually go in and reduce each panel down to 1 frame, which is a tedious time-sink.

Ideally I would like to click the New Panel/Scene/Sequence buttons and be given a 1 frame panel (or however long I have set in a Storyboard Properties option).

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d be most grateful, otherwise consider this a feature request team TB :wink:


Ok I don’t know why I could not find back this setting when it was so easy !! Sometimes your eyes refuse to see the evidence ! Don’t know why ^^

So here it is for those who would need it :

Edit/Preferences > tab “Project settings” > General > Default Panel Lenght > 00:00:01.00



I’m surprised this question didn’t receive any response !

So allow me to up this post because I need one for my work :wink: