Custom brush tip shapes

From what I can see, custom brush strokes (and textures) are available, but not custom brush tip shapes. Is this something that might be available in a future release?


i was just thinking this myself the other night. maybe in a future release, please!

Unfortunately, this is not included in the next major release new feature list.
How critical would this be for you ?

for myself, i would say its a high priority of my wish list. one of the best things about harmony that sets it over and above flash is its brush and pencil sets. its always the first thing i tell people when they ask me what so great about it over flash.

i love whats there, but i just want to see more! more brushes that are natural feeling, and more options to produce different types of textures. for example some people around here just found some really fantastic water color brushes for photoshop that have a really nice and natural feel to them. i understand harmony and photoshop are two radically different programs, but it would be great to be able to customize something close to that level of detail in harmony.

Yes indeed I was able to take a peek at the new brush sets. Much improved over Harmony 11! Good stuff.

Check out the brush improvements in new Harmony 12, I think this is what you were looking for.

See 1st video on this page: