curves to set ease


I was used to set my ease in and ease out with the button “set ease for multiple parameters” : when I clicked on this button, a window with some curves appeared.

But now, on the computer of another person, this window doesn’t appear. I’ve got just a small window with two entries : one to put the number of the ease in and one for the ease out.

Please, how can I get the curves again?

Thank you,


Was one computer Animate 1 and the other Animate 2?

I have harmony toon boom stage version 7.8.1, and the computer which hasn’t the curves is a version 7.8.9.

Could this option have disappeared in the latest versions?

sorry I know nothing about harmony I have never had access to it.

I am pretty sure it was a new feature between animate 1 and 2.

In Harmony there are two ways to set ease. There is a Set Ease on Multiple Parameters script, located through the Scripting toolbar. That will get you the dialog box where you can simply set the ease in and ease out with a percentage.

Then, in the Timeline toolbar, this is where you will find the Set Ease on Multiple Parameters button that will pop up the function editor with the handles that you can drag on.

This is not something that would have been removed in a more recent version of Harmony - it is something that was added at some point during the 7.8.1 cycle and should be available also in 7.8.9.

So just to be clear, make sure that you enable the Timeline toolbar (Windows > Toolbars > Timeline) then click on the button there.