Curves from one deformer working with curves from another?

Hey there,

If there’s any riggers to help me out, I need a solution.

I’ll describe it below, but I’m attaching an (much simpler) explanatory image.

I’m trying to rig a cape.

There’s a part that stays in front of the character and a part that hangs in the back of the character.

The front part have these curve points near the shoulders that I want to parent to the same curves on the back of the cape.

This part I worked out by making the front deform affect the back part (with both shoulder curves on a Deformation Composite linking to the back part). But doing so, the lower tip of the cape’s back is static.

Is there a way to control that tip with another deformer?

I tried some ways but the whole thing breaks.

I’m not sure I expressed myself clearly (I’m still learning the program and english is not my native language), but take a look at the attached image to see if it helps.



I haven’t seen how your cape is currently set up, but I believe your solution is to have 2 independent deformers: one that controls the part that goes over the neck and shoulders, and a 2nd one that controls the back cape.

Personally, I would build these two deformers as Envelopes, but wouldn’t “wrap” the deformer around the shape.

Hopefully this helps,