curved trajectory

Hi, I’m a total Animate newbie. I am trying to move an imported image along a curved trajectory. So far, the trajectory that was created is a straight line. I haven’t been able to figure out how to edit this line to assume whatever shape I want it to be. Please help!


are you moving the layer itself? or using a peg? anyway, for a peg, you do that through placing a control point on your peg trajectory:
place your select tool at the point where you want to insert the curve on the trajectory in the camera view. then press the letter P on your keyboard while you’re still over that position. a pink control point will show up. select this control point and move it to alter the path or you could edit its Tension etc but the first is easier.

another way of inserting a control point is to select the frame on the peg layer where you want the control point. then go to Insert menu and choose control point.

you need to enable the 3D part of the layer to have the curved.

I am using a peg to make the path. Ok, thanks, that worked, although I find it awkward that these control points have no handles as points on a polyline do. So, if I want the path to be a circle, I need at least 8 points to prevent a ‘polygon look’.

I am trying to accomplish the following animation: There is a calendar in the middle. A pencil appears from off-screen, goes straight to a certain day on the calender, circles the number, leaving a circle around it on the paper, and goes off-screen. What I’m stuck at now is the circle that the pencil leaves. I wanted to start with the complete circle, erasing it bit-by-bit as I go back in time. However, whatever editing I do to the circle manifests on EVERY frame of this sequence. What am I doing wrong?

Try converting the circle to brush strokes (instead of a pencil line). Brush strokes handle being erased much better.

Also what is happening is it is the same drawing for all the circles which is why they are all getting changed. So you need to copy the circle, create a new drawing (not layer) and paste it down.

There probably is a way to quickly change it to a sequence of drawigns rather than just 1 but I can’t tell you off the top of my head.

To create a new drawing that’s a copy of the first drawing, you can select a cell where you’ve extended the exposure, then do a right-click and Drawings > Duplicate Drawings. Now if you erase part of the drawing, it will only erase on that drawing.

Duplicate every time you want to erase a part.