Curved Deformer Rigging (Bezier handles)

I’ve seen at every tutorial video I could find, I’ve looked around the forums, I’ve consulted the manual… nothing (unless I’m just not seeing it.)

I can create the standard joint deformer without trouble, but with the current situation that faces me, I really needed to create a deformer with the bezier handles…

The instructors on YouTube are simply clicking and dragging to create a curved deformer.

Doesn’t work for me… I see that their videos are dated to 2013, so go figure lol.

I’ve looked around for a deformer icon to change the mode, perhaps?

I’ve also tried hotkeys while clicking and dragging.



Thanks, guys.

The curve and envelope deformers are only available in Harmony Premium. If you are using Premium, when you select the Rigging Tool, the Tool Properties tab will have Mode as the first field with 5 icons, Automatic Mode, Bone and Articulation, Curve, Envelope and Game. You want to pick the third icon.

Ahh… snap! I see.

Many thanks, Scungy! This is my problem then- I own Essentials.

I planned for a work around, just incase (for anyone’s future reference)… I’ll just perform the deforming (because I needed to edit a jpeg image) in GIMP, and import it back into Harmony.

Not as convenient, but I’m 100% cool with it.

Thanks again.