Curve Shape Over 3D (looking) Object

Hello. I have a 2D vector logo that I would like to animate on my character’s leg, curving it to follow the shape in perspective. If it were just for one frame, I would use the Mesh Warp tool and it would be very simple, but according to the documentation, the mesh points cannot be animated over time.
I tried setting up an envelope distort around my shape, which works well for the outside shape, but messes up all the internal details, and because it’s a logotype, this is really obvious and ugly. I tried messing with the influence region controls and fade falloff values, but I couldn’t find any guides on how to adjust these properly, so I don’t know where to start. I need the curve to influence the whole shape, but each point to fall off in it’s influence gradually, rather than having a hard line where it stops affecting a shape.

Hi waterwheels!

You can use the points of the mesh warp to animate them through time. These will animate in both X and Y axes. The only thing that cannot be changed with the mesh warp is the mesh grid subdivisions.

Sometimes, people use both the enveloppe deformer for the contour and invert cut the interior of the logo and use a meshwarp on it so that the contour of the shape reacts in a different way. The enveloppe will most often work on shapes that do not contain textures within it as it will break and distort with each area of influence.

Hope this helps!

Oh thank you! I didn’t realise, but I’ll give it a try. Just to clarify, are you suggesting using an envelope deform on a mask layer for the logo, and a mesh-warp on the logo itself?