Curve on Trajectory (Control Point)

does anyone else has a problem with adding a control point to the trajectory
i looked at the tutorial and try to figure it out for 2 hours and not being able to make a curve with a control point, as it is presented on the shooting star video.

Can anyone help with it, i must be doing something wrong!! :-

Drag your cut-out to the trajectory point?

It’s a little bit confusing :smiley:

To transform a path and modify the trajectory you need to add control points. The “gotcha” is that it has to be a 3D path.

To change path types:

Right click the drawing layer and choose LAYER PROPERTIES or alternatively press CTRL+E.

In the LAYER PROPERTIES dialog, change POSITION from SEPARATE to 3D PATH. Unfortunately, if you’ve already created a path it will be dropped when you change the position type. CLOSE the LAYER PROPERTIES dialog.

To see the path for the drawing layer, select the layer and then press SHIFT + F11.

To add a control point, CLICK in the camera view. This will deselect the drawing layer. Hover the cursor at any point over the path and press P. A control point will be added to the path and the point can be used to modify the trajectory of the curve. Control points are not keyframes and so do not appear on the timeline.

When drawing layers are attached to a peg, it’s easier to add control points as a peg by default is a 3D path so you can just dive right in. :smiley: