Hello guys, new thread here ;D
My question: is there a way to have a cursor mark on the screen when using the drawing tools (brush/pencil)? In the Preference Options I’ve already ticked the Brush Size cursor but the result is not that good (as the cursor you have in softwares such as Illustrator for instance).
Thanks for ur answers!

I’m sorry Lily, I have to desagree. I have an Intuos 4 (innatural way of drawing, but this is my opinion of course) and not having a well marked cursor (like Illustrator’s) on the screen doesn’t help. Brush size and orientation can be deduced otherwise in cs5 softwares. The very little cross cursor you mention doesn’t show me the tip of my drawing instruments clearly and this slows my workflow down. That’s why I’m considering of passing to a Cintiq :frowning:


I don’t know if it would help but you can change the cursor to your liking in:
C:\Program Files\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Animate Pro 2\resources\cursors
or the equivalent on Mac.

I think it’s the precisecursor.png that you would want to change. Just open it in Photoshop and modify it and save it with the same name (after backing up the original of course).

Very interesting option Steve! You’re right, precisecursor.png is the cursor I’d like to change, but once I open it with PS how can i modify it to make it like Illustrator’s for instance? Is there a way, say, to import it from Illustrator to Animate?

I’m not sure if you could reuse their cursor icon. You’d have to search their folders. I don’t have Illustrator here so I can’t tell you where you can find it and if it the same size.

I was thinking that you could just draw the cursor the way you want it. That’s what I did and it shows up in Harmony or Animate then.

Ok, I’ll think about that! Thank u!

It’s funny, I’m on totally the other side of the equation, because I don’t find the cursor in Illustrator at all effective. It doesn’t give you any information about the size or orientation of your brush.

When you click on Brush Size cursor, what it does is it gives you a circle that’s exactly the width of the line you’re about to draw. I find this incredibly useful. When you have this option off, then it gives you a cross-hair.


Everyone definitely has their own personal opinion. I might prefer one way, and you might prefer another - this is why it can be handy to have multiple options. Ironically enough I haven’t heard anyone mention this particular one to me before, but if you feel strongly about it, then I will definitely forward the request along.

I do, as well, draw with an Intuos 4. I think that sometimes it’s just a matter of what we’re accustomed to.