Cursor size in stage view when using fine lines


Noob alert.

Forgive my ignorance.

When drawing in storyboard I find it near impossible to see the cursor when using a brush that is drawing a fine-ish line < 10px. I’ve set the cursor to be brush size (I found the cross hair to also be difficult to see) but am struggling with the cursor based on brush size as it is basically a dot on the screen that is essentially hidden. Am loving storyboard so far but am really not loving having to play ‘where’s wally’ on steroids just to find the cursor.

What are my options here?

Can I darken the background of the stage view?

Can I edit the default cross hair cursor?

Can I set a minimum size for cursor when using brush size as cursor?

Any suggestions aprpeciated!

Best wishes,


Classic noob. Sorry. Was easy to change the background colour of the stage view by changing the ‘default camera background colour’ in preferences > colours. Cursor is now much easier to seee after changing the default to being a little darker.