cursor problem

Using sbpro 4 - the brush cursor has started flipping to the colour select cursor after only a few brush strokes being laid down . this is now dramatically reducing my work flow as i have to keep reselecting brush tool to rid myself of the arrow cursor . Please fix quickly .

Are you using dual monitor?
Or are you using unsupported video card?
By looking at it, it looks like the refresh issue using unsupported video card or low in spec.
Check the requirement of the hardware spec including CPU, RAM video card and the OS.
If you are using Windows, try turning off aero theme (glassy effects)
If it passes the requirement, better contact support

Hi - I am working on a new 3.2 ghz iMac. with 8 gb memory .NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX 1024 MB. So i think it should have no problems. the problem has mostly gone away for now . I had one day where it simply would not stop . It now only occasionally jumps to the wrong cursor . ( I can deal with that )
As you will see from my other posts i have bigger problems with the program crashing .

thanks for replying