Cursor offset issue when using Artisul d13 tablet

Hey, can anybody help with a problem?

I recently got a job offer and it requires me to use Toonboom for the animation, but I’ve run into a fairly large problem.
I’m using a Artisul d13 tablet and I’ve been having issues when I draw a stoke
it seems to be mirrored vertically on the canvas and opposite to the place I touch the pen to the screen, if the more mouse was just off center it would be workable, but so far i’ve not been able to even draw in the same direction as my pen.

I’ve been in touch with my tablets manufacturer and they sent me a new driver which they have tested and told me works, so I’m quite lost in terms of getting it to work
I have made a short video of the problem because i’m not sure i can best describe it through here.
(i made the video to show the manufacturer the problem, but it shows it for here too)

Please if anyone has had this problem and found a solution or if anyone knows a way to fix it I’d really love to fix it.
I have a fresh install of Toonboom (only the trial) if that helps.

Could you solve the problem?

Your blog is simply amazing, congratulations on your great work!

Could you solve your problem?
I take an Artisul 13S and I am having the same problem of you but when I use photoshop program.

I make the trace and it appear in a different place of a pen.

If you could solve your problem, could you tell me how?


just an update. when I use the program as administrator it seems to work, however, I lose the ability of pressure sensitivity.
whereas, when running it normally I do get pressure sensitivity, however, the problem I described (and recorded above still remains)

The manufacturer tested it in Toon Boom? The issue is that TB only supports Wacom hardware, but even with the latest Wacom driver there are similar issues when you use two screens. Even with Wacoms, things might be OK with Photoshop and other software but not with Harmony. In the Wacom issue, it works if you use a previous driver (6.3.29), so maybe your issue could be solved with a different driver too. Otherwise, the manufacturer would actually have to test a driver in Toon Boom, because it’s not enough to test it in Photoshop etc. In the current situation, if your main work with a pen tablet/display is using Toon Boom, it’s safer to go for Wacom hardware, but as we’ve seen with the case with the latest drivers you can still get issues.

It’s not a supported tablet but what you describe sounds as though your
regular user only has access to the old driver and your Administrator user
is able to access the new driver. You could ask the tablet manufacturer’s
you’re in contact with about that. It may be some type of file permissions
issue for the tablet preferences file.

Anyway to get the pressure sensitivity back as the admin user, go into the
software preferences and on the “Global UI” tab, toggle the setting for
“Use QT Wintab Tablet Support” for this user. (i.e. if it’s checked uncheck it,
it it’s unchecked, check it.) Close and relaunch the software after doing this.

well, when i say manufacturer, i mean the person from their help desk that I’ve been emailing and who sent me the latest driver.
i was told that they tested it and that it was working with toonboom specifically.
i would go with the wacom option, but unfortunately, I’m fresh from university and can’t afford to drop the money on a cintiq, ironically this position would help me fund the purchase of one, but seems i would need one to do it first.

Great tool what application is that, and the Pen is it bluetooth USB

I have exactly the same problem. Anyone got a suggestion MyLowesLife?