Cursor Misalignment

Hi all. When I go to draw something it gets drawn about an inch under the cursor on the screen. This happens with the brush, the pen and the selection tool. This happens in the drawing screen. In the seen planning screen I can point the cursor at something and click it and it works fine. As a test I opened up Paint and drew some lines and that works normal. I’m using TB 5.0, Windows XP, and a Wacom CTE-630BT. I don’t think it’s the Wacom because it works normal in other applications. I’m thinking I might have accidentally changed a setting. Oh yeah, I created a new project and the problem persisted. Thanks for any help.

You might need to update your graphics drivers. If you update the drivers for your graphics card and the problem is not solved, then you might want to try to delete all preference files for your tablet and re-install your tablet driver.

I figured it out! I accidentally had a 2nd monitor turned on in the Windows control panel and didn’t know it. That apparently confused the Toon Boom. Thanks for the suggestion Lilly