cursor jumps to other frames

Hi All -

Here’s a strange one … was working on a project, added a new element, did a copy down from my library, made some mods, then all of a sudden I noticed that if I put my cursor on frame 31, it would jump to frame 30 - no matter what element I tried it would jump back to another frame - I tried deleting frames, reinstalling tb4, but nothing seems to work - i brought in other projects and it is happening there as well - seems like it is all over the place … just highlighted frame 124 and it jumped to frame 125 - highlighted fram 123 and it jumped back to 121 … i must have set something or something is out of whack … anyone ever see anything like this before? Oh, i should point out that i have cold booted and restarted tb a number of times … just started happening about an hour ago … everything was fine up until then … thanks, dan

This is a long shot, Dan, but for lack of any other suggestions, you might want to check this thread.


hi ron -

you need to go to the track put $10 on a horse running at 1000-1 because you would clean up - the long shot paid off … that was the problem and thanks, I really appreciate the solution … no clue how i got it set, but it is great to get the solution … thanks again … d

Great, I’m glad it worked! (And now, off to the racetrack!) :smiley: