cursor 'disappears' in drawing mode

Hi. Is there a way to change color of cursor? On a gray background, it often disappears. Which seems unnecessarily frustrating - if there’s a quick fix.


Ahh. Silly me for not thinking of such a simple work around.

(Maybe for someone else looking to change colors this might be a useful post. I saw the ‘edit colors’ option but thought it referred only to the colors on that tab. Didn’t realize there were so many options under.)

Thank you, Lilly.

You can change the colour of the background. The colour of the cursor comes from your operating system settings, I think.

To change the colour of the background, go to your Preferences, then General, then Edit Colours, then in the Camera tab adjust the “Clear” colour to be something else.

You can adjust pretty much all of the colours in the software


You’re welcome!