Cursor change meaning

Whenver I try to use the selection tool a crosshair cursor with the “r” letter appended to it, appears. What does it stands for? It doesn’t allows me to make any selection.

Hi,The tool you have at the moment seem to be the repaint tool. The select tool should be either a lasso or an arrow icon. Make sure that you do not have the R key pressed on your keyboard for while having the selection tool the R key will trigger the temporary tool shift.This being said would it be possible to know which version of the software you are using?Regards,Ugo

The version I’m using is have Win XP SP2Also I have Microsoft .net framework 3.5 installed on my pc.Another strange behavior is that sometimes the select tool turn selection into brown colored shapes wth no outlines and does not alow me to move these now-turned-color-brown shapes.Thanks.