cursor and pen offset in Harmony 10 on 24 hd cintiq

I just started working in harmony 10 and the pen or pencil is off with the cursor and cintiq pen. It works fine in adobe but not in harmony 10, ive tried uninstalling drivers and prefs but nothing is working.

My Cintiq is working fine in Harmony. Although I have the older one before the HD version came out. If you’re seeing things are fine in other applications, but not in Harmony I wonder if it has to do with your Harmony Workspace? Just a guess, but here are somethings I would try…

  • Close Harmony and calibrate your Cintiq. Then launch Harmony, place your Drawing View and Camera View on the Cintiq side if you’re using a 2 monitor setup. Save this as a custom workspace. When I run Harmony, I restrict the Cintiq to only work on the right monitor (the Cintiq). Even though Harmony spans both monitors, and that works well. So if I need to take my cursor to the left monitor, I have to use my mouse. But that has kept my pen accurate in Harmony.

Thats weird. I have a cintiq 24hd and i use it with harmony everyday, no problem. Have you tried calibrating it again?
I wish harmony had a better support for the touch wheel for zooming and rotating the canvas though. Besides that, harmony and cintiq 24 is an awesome combo!

To fix the offset problem, first uninstall ALL tablet drivers and ALL tablet preference files. This is the only tricky part of the procedure - finding them all.

Next reboot the computer and install the latest tablet driver. Reboot again and define your tablet preferences using the tablet utility.

If you are using multiple monitors it can sometimes help to put them in “Horizontal Span” mode (making one big desktop space). In other cases the
promary monitor should be the one where Harmony is displayed. Note that changing the display resolution can sometimes unset your display. This does not happen often but it may happen. If it does and you are certain that only one tablet driver exists, you can try and take a shortcut by only removing the old preferences and redoing them with the tablet utility program.

Hi Everyone, I think I found the issue here. This happens when we use dual monitors. No matter how we align the screens in Display setting. IT WON’T WORK

I also tried the Wacom driver. But it has to be the older version (it is 6.3.29-6 to be exact)

So… until Wacom and ToonBoom IT team figure it out. We should install that driver and save its config.

I used to be very frustrated since no method would work. But I’m happy now. urg…