cursor and drawing offset storyboard pro 4

using a cintiq 22hd touch

tried recalibration

using cintiq as main monitor

the drawing happens above the cursor center. it is a bit annoying and throws the drawing off.

any fix for this. has anyone else noticed?

here is a video

Is it Wacom Cintiq? Are you using duplicate monitor other than extended view? Is the resolution for display same?
For the best test in case it is either related to the driver or video card setting or even in software is connecting only one monitor which is Wacom Cintiq in your case and then uninstall current driver. And then reboot to reset the preferences of Wacom. And then go to Wacom site and install the latest driver. If it still does not work, you should send an email toa support.

that’s it.

i changed the resolution of my main display to match the cintiq
and now the cursor is accurate when drawing.

however this is a workaround. my other display is a 30 inch monitor and recommended resolution for that is 2560x1600
so i set it to 1920x1080

it is a waste to throw away all that screen real estate for the sake of one program.

hope Toonboom/Wacom can make this right.


Hi there:

I’m having a similar problem (SBP 2/Windows 7) with my Wacom. When I connect the second monitor my cursor is about 2 inches northwest of where I want it to be and I cannot control the brush tool either. I have it set to extended, the 19 inch second monitor is 1280 x 1024 and the laptop is 1280 x 800.

I tried setting the second monitor to match the laptop but that doesn’t work either. If I ditch the second monitor it works fine but it is going to slow me way down.

Any advice appreciated!


this worked for me with micro adjustments.
apparently it makes a difference where your monitors are in relation to each other.

i found that putting my cintiq below my main monitor in the “display” properties causes an offset issue. this is with different resolutions on each monitor.

to fix it i had to relocate the cintiq to be above my main monitor.
(which is opposite of what you would expect) this fixed the offset for me.

if it is far away. i would suggest uninstalling your wacom drivers
restart then re install the newest drivers from wacom.

had to do that when another program had an issue like yours.

Thanks, Bosng, appreciate the reply. It turns out it is because I am using a rental laptop this week and it’s video card is inadequate for my needs!! But If it happens in future, I will apply your suggestions.

I don’t know why this issue suddenly appeared for me .
In ToonBoom only there is an offset, I have tried everything uninstall, installing drivers, updating them, rolling back, even to the lengths of regedit type driver removal. Toon Boom is the only program that misbehaves…
I do notice several bugs in TB that just hang around and never seem to get addressed ( windows 7). I wish TB apps where more reliable, they are potentially brilliant but have so many little problems that really ruin things for the user.

I have same the problem. I have a 17" laptop with a Cintiq 22HD touch connected. Lines appear just to the side of the center of the cursor. Sometimes when I hover the pen just above the screen I can see the brush size cursor center with the pen cursor for a second but then when I place the pen on the screen in jumps off it again. Tried making the Cintiq the same resolution as the laptop but it didn’t work. The Cintiq works perfectly fine with all other programs. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi Bosng, this can be fixed.
However it is a long and complex process if on a pc.
Somehow between wacom and TB there has not been a proper uninstall method, which leaves a bunch of files around that interfere with the installation of the cintiq drivers.
You must search them out and delete them from wain 32 and regedit.
I was online to TB support for no less than 6 hours to achieve this, they were very helpful…(thanx guys).
I hope TB ,ale a proper support document for the many users who find themselves in this.
A step by step procedure would be very much appreciated I’m sure.

Yeah, the issue is that you need to remove ALL tablet drivers and tablet preference files whis sounds easier to accomplish than it actually is due to the number of possible locations these can be stored in and that you sometimes (although luckily, rarely) need to edit the registry to get rid of the traces.

If you’re having no luck on your own, contact support to assist.

We’re experiencing this same issue here and the resolution we recommend to our students is to reduce the resolution of the monitor to any 4x3 aspect ratio resolution. (i.e… 1280 x 1024 or any multiple of that). As long as it is 4x3 the cursor lines up.

I’ve had a variation of this problem every time I’ve installed SB 4.2 on a new computer. It eventually seems to get resolved (either by adjusting resolutions. reinstalling drivers, or any of the proposed solutions), but this time I can’t figure it out. Currently, I’m using a dual monitor setup with a Cintiq Companion Hybrid. In this instance, after uninstalling and updating the drivers multiple times, I either can draw with the off-set and the pressure sensitivity, or with no off-set and no pressure sensitivity. Really stressed and tired of this.

I would like to share my experience with cintiq 12wx pen misalignment in Toon Boom Storyboard.
I tried all the above mentioned ways, but nothing worked for me.

I am on Win 8.1.
I use my laptop screen as primary and Cintiq as Extended Screen. Each has its own resolution.

I found out that it occurs after I do a Pen\Screen “Calibration” through the Wacom drivers setup window.
This occurs after Calibration, in Toon Boom Storyboard only, all other software do not get affected.

I use Wacom drivers v.6.125.5 which are quite old and the reason is that these drivers are the ONLY Wacom drivers that support individual pen configuration.
I have 4 wacom pens and I configure each pen separately, that is, one soft one medium and one hard as tip sensitivity is concerned, plus other individual features for each pen.
I have not tested the “Calibration” problem with other versions of Wacom drivers, so it might be driver specific.
I think though, that it is good to know another reason of pen misalignment and try to solve it this way.

What I did to solve the problem,
first of all, I avoid calibrating when using T.B. Storyboard,
and second, I setup my pens and Cintiq Express keys and Backup my Wacom Preferences, so if I do a Calibration in another program and misalignment occurs in T.B Storyboard,
I just do a Preferences Remove and then, a Preference Restore, through the Wacom Preference Utility and pen alignment is back!

It is important that you backup your Wacom Preferences BEFORE doing any Calibration, otherwise, Preferences are saved with the misalignment glitch.

Good Luck