Current weekly sale question

I got the notice for the current week’s sale, talking about the discounted price for Animate to Animate pro 2.

I notice it talks about Animate to Animate pro 2, and animate pro 1 to animate pro 2.

My question is, I currently own Animate 1. Does the Animate → Animate pro 2 upgrade work for any version of Animate, or would it require me to buy the Animate 1 → Animate 2 upgrade before I could buy the other? The actual page I looked at didn’t specify it had to be animate 2.

I think you really should email the sales team on this. It is your best chance of a correct answer.

By the way this sale is awesome.

I just upgraded from animate academic version to pro. I wasn’t able to upgrade online - but after getting in touch with someone they were able to offer a discount and walk me through the process.

I sent the email Saturday, and Monday morning (today), I had 2 email replies and a phone call from ToonBoom customer support. I wish more companies had customer service like that!

Exactly - best chance of getting an answer to this one is to email They should respond within 24 hours, M-F.